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Photo Hides

Our Photo Hides have been a great success with customers. These hides are specifically designed and built to optimise the ability to photograph some of the countryside’s most amazing wildlife.

The exciting specially-designed bird and wildlife photography hide at Flamborough Bird Observatory’s Thornwick Pools Nature Reserve has now been in operation throughout all four seasons. Built as a prototype, we were keen to position the hide in a location where spectacular bird and wildlife photography could be dramatically enhanced. This has been achieved by design, lowering part of the hide below ground level, consequently the observation panels are positioned low to the ponds surface or muddy margins. In the spring and autumn, the water level of the pool was allowed to fall exposing an excellent feeding habitat particularly for wading birds and waterfowl. The hide is built into the bank close to the action, and thanks to the careful and quiet approach photographers have been able get themselves and equipment into the hide with minimum disturbance. Hundreds of stunning images have been captured down at ground level of them feeding and behaving naturally, oblivious to their admiring audience only a few metres away.

Many fantastic photographs taken from the photopod have been posted on, and the feedback from the photographers has all been very positive, including reviews from leading professional wildlife photographer Steve Race and renowned digiscoper Justin Carr.

phenomenal” “the best place in Britain to photograph waders, bar none

Bird and wildlife photography is now incredibly popular and the demand for specific photography hides is increasing with some organisations offering the exclusive use of designated hides for hire on a half or daily basis.

The GFB Photopod hide is a easily installed fully watertight unit supplied as a standard unit or as a bespoke hide designed specifically to suit the site and habitat. Because photography hides need to be positioned close to the action features can be incorporated to achieve this, but at the same time prevent disturbance and blend the hide sympathetically into its environment.

If you would like any further information or to talk to us about how a photography hide could be made to fit in to the habitat at your site drop us a line or give us a call.