Nature Conservation Products

Tern Rafts

Specifically designed to meet all nesting requirements of island-nesting Terns (especially Common Tern). The Eco Tern Raft is made from next generation boards sandwiching a buoyancy layer of polystyrene.

Each GFB Tern Raft is 8ft (2.4m) by 4ft (1.2) and is very robustly built to withstand the constant buffeting of wind and water. The manufacture of our Tern rafts has evolved over the past five years and our confidence in the build quality and materials guarantees each one for ten years. An individual raft can be anchored as a single nesting platform or multiple rafts can be simply bolted together to create much larger nesting islands.

GFB Tern Nesting Rafts are made from a high density polystyrene flotation block, a tough tubular nylon section frame, are completely encapsulated by a water-resistant eco board and finished with a tough outer shell. All you need supply is an anchor point and a gravel, shingle or shell filling.

We offer our rafts with or without predator (Mink) proofing, but we strongly recommend the clear polycarbonate side panels which prevent access by predators from the water onto the nesting platforms. Although not scientifically-proven, conversations with nature reserve wardens suggest that predator-proofing may also provide additional shelter during periods of strong winds and driving rain.

Tern Rafts can be delivered to site by members of the GFB team who will offer assistance, advice and will be happy to be involved with the launching of the rafts, if requested.

Most of our rafts have been installed on lakes, pool and reservoirs, many at nature reserves and are proven as nesting islands mostly for Common Terns. After spending the winter in Africa our Terns return back from mid April and start to settle and breed by May. One of the problems they encounter on return is that Gulls, particularly Black-headed, are already breeding and have taken all the available nesting sites. To avoid this, reserve wardens often wait and (re)float the rafts after B-h Gulls have laid their eggs; alternatively GFB Rafts can be fitted with temporary netting leaving the rafts free and available exclusively for Terns.

GFB have researched the most suitable design and best materials for our Tern Rafts, as befits the middle of a windswept lake and we borrowed some features and ideas used in the manufacture of water ski jumps. Whether a single raft or multiple nesting islands, we are confident we can deliver exactly the right nesting platform for any water body or nature reserve and create the optimum nesting opportunity. If you would like any further information drop us a line, or if you would like to talk through your requirements please give us a call on 07917167779.