Nature Conservation Products

Barn Owl Nesting Boxes

Our conservation Eco Nest boxes are specifically designed to meet the nesting requirements of individual species. The unique access design also allows the box to be thoroughly cleaned when necessary and importantly allows quick and safe access to the box for conservation research such as ringing.

GFB have been manufacturing Barn Owl nesting boxes for five years increasing the nesting opportunities on nature reserves, country parks, farms and lots of other suitable land. Many of the boxes have been supplied as part of conservation schemes and to Barn Owl study groups resulting in hundreds of fledgling barn owls being ringed to aid the long term study and monitoring of this charismatic owl.

The new GFB Barn Owl nesting box has been redesigned incorporating a new fibreboard material and finish guaranteed to repel all weathers and guaranteed to increase the long term durability.

Our boxes are constructed to a high standard and are offered either as fully built up units or in the increasingly popular flat-packed form. On the fully assembled boxes the front panel is completely removable making the positioning and fixing of the boxes when working at heights. Self assembly of our flat-packed box is easy the five sections screw together neatly, requiring only a screw driver, although a power driver will save time and energy.