Nature Conservation Products

Wildlife Nest Boxes

We are pleased to announce our new generation “Ecology design” wildlife boxes, to support nesting, roosting, hibernation, ringing and scientific studies of species of conservation concern.

GFB have been manufacturing Barn Owl nest boxes for five years, increasing nesting opportunities on nature reserves, country parks, farms and other suitable habitat. Many of these boxes have been supplied as part of conservation schemes and to Barn Owl study groups, resulting in hundreds of fledgling owls being ringed to aid the long term study and monitoring of this charismatic owl. We have also supplied boxes for successful Tree Sparrow, Roseate Tern and Starling conservation initiatives.

Our eco nest boxes such as these have been specifically designed to meet the nesting requirements of individual species. A unique access design also allows each box to be thoroughly cleaned when necessary and importantly allows quick and safe access to the box for conservation research such as ringing.

We are now delighted to offer five new boxes which, we believe, are the best on the market. Each individually-designed in line with conservation standards, using the best extreme fibreboard materials on the market, which are hardwearing, ethically-sourced and sustainable. These have been built in our Elland workshop under our social enterprise ethos of matching skilled tradesmen and ecologists to skills development in disadvantaged individuals and volunteers from a variety of backgrounds.


Bat Boxes

Our new ‘Ecology Design’ bat box is made using Extreme Fibreboard which has a manufacturer’s guarantee of 50 years. It has a removable lid providing easy access for cleaning, ringing & research. They have multiple access points and chambers for bats to use.  All our boxes are pinned, glued and screwed using stainless steel screws for a secure fit. Our boxes come workshop assembled so all you have to do is find the perfect location.

Hedgehog Boxes

Our professionally-designed and built hedgehog boxes are all a hedgehog could ever want in a home. Made with extreme fibreboard, which has a manufacturer’s material guarantee of 25 years in ground, these tough durable hedgehog homes are ideal for hibernation over the winter and throughout the year. Pinned, glued and screwed with stainless steel screws, access is available from the top using the removable lid, ideal for cleaning, research and monitoring of these prickly little cuties!

Tree Sparrow Boxes

Traditional, proven and always a hit with the birds! Our traditional Tree Sparrow boxes are available in a choice of “Furniture Grade Pine” or “Extreme Fibreboard”.  These are only treated on the outside so birds won’t be affected by anything that’s not good for them. They are made to our new ‘Ecology Design’, pinned, glued and screwed with stainless steel screws to ensure long lasting and durable use. A removable lid to the top of the box allows access for cleaning, ringing and research. These are available either workshop assembled or flat pack for you to assemble yourselves once you’ve found the perfect location.

Tree Sparrow Terrace

As Tree sparrows are a colonial species why not have a Tree Sparrow Terrace?  These are a fantastic product built to the same excellent specification and ‘Ecology Design’ you have come to expect from GFB. Three individual chambers with separate lids to the top allow you to clean, ring or research each chamber one at a time. The outside lid protects each individual chamber to provide protection against the elements. We don’t want to get these little guys wet! Produced in our social enterprise workshop to exacting standards these terraces are pinned, glued and screwed with stainless steel screws to ensure confidence in our products.

Barn Owl Boxes

Using our tried and tested GFB ‘Ecology Design’, our Barn Owl boxes are made using extreme fibreboard, which has a manufacturer’s material guarantee of 50 years. Pinned, glued and screwed using stainless steel screws, GFB provides a guarantee of 15 years for these boxes. Access via a door at the front is provided in order for cleaning, ringing and research purposes. The front shelf allows an area for both mature and young owls to land and stand without the risk of baby owls falling out of the box.  We believe these next generation boxes are the best on the market and our original design has been tried and tested through extensive use in the Yorkshire Wolds.

The new Barn Owl box has been redesigned incorporating a new fibreboard material and finish guaranteed to repel all weathers and guaranteed to increase long term durability.

All our boxes are constructed to a high standard and can be offered either as fully built-up units or in the increasingly popular flat-pack form. On the fully assembled boxes, panels are completely removable to help with positioning and fixing of boxes when working at heights. Self assembly of our flat-packed box is easy as the five sections screw together neatly, requiring only a screw driver or power driver.