Nature Conservation Products

Backwater box sluices

Our wetland management products are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs. Products available are items such as Sluices & Pontoons to enable management of wetland areas to encourage wildlife and assist with the management the area for our clients.

In 2013 GFB was asked to build a small sluice to regulate the water level on a small wader scrape pool, to replace an existing metal plate sluice with timber boards. Although on a relatively small pool the original sluice had failed because the constant lapping from wind and wave eroded the clay around the plate resulting in an ever increasing escape of water.

To resolve this problem GFB designed a box sluice with a large diameter pipe exiting at the rear. Interlocking timber sluice boards were set back from the front, creating ‘shoulders’ to buffer the boards from wave action. The Box sluice worked perfectly, and since its installation, has been admired by conservation professionals resulting in multiple orders from conservation organisations.

The beauty of the GFB Box Sluice is that it is delivered complete with only the exit pipe to be poisoned and sealed on installation. With a mini-digger the ground works can be quickly dug prepared, the box sluice is then simply lowered into position and then back filled. Water flows can be determined the width and size of the sluice and very precise control of water levels can be achieved by fine adjustments to the sluice board sizes.

The exact design and size of a sluice will be determined by the exact requirements of the site and be dependent on local factors and water flows. If you need further information or would like to talk through the suitability of a GFB Box Sluice for your site please drop us a line or call 07917 167779.