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Thursday, 1st October 2015 — posted in News


The Green Business Network (GBN), a not for profit unincorporated association since 1995, is now the community grants arm of Green Future Building (GFB) Ltd – an award winning social enterprise established by the GBN in January 2012. The GBN and GFB are co-located in a ‘charity mill’ at Elland Bridge near Halifax, West Yorkshire, working together to add value to key projects across The North and beyond. A full ‘mirror’ of GBN’s own website/s (2001-2017) can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnail below, or to read about current areas of interest click here. We are proudly continuing The GBN’s legacy as (probably) the world’s first and original ‘Green Business Network’. GBN staff continue to work with partners in the Landfill Communities Fund. 




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