Projects and Innovations

We here at GFB have always seemed to be drawn to clients with unusual ideas and projects. Over the past few years for example we have delivered a fish farm educational project on a bus for a School in Rotherham, an aquaponic food hub eco-building at Todmorden High School, and a wildlife observation hide in the Yorkshire Dales with a sloping grass roof grazed by sheep. We are always happy to talk with clients and customers about their schemes no matter how quirky, especially if they involve exciting ways we can incorporate recycled, renewable and sustainable products and materials.

This is not to say we are not involved with familiar and conventional products and projects but needless to say, at GFB we strive to deliver everything with the minimum carbon footprint and environmental impact. Recently we have designed and developed our product range often pioneering the inclusion of innovative recycled materials such as boards made from recycled plastic, UPVC and recycled car tyres. We are always on the hunt for groundbreaking new sustainable products that can help us manufacture are range of conservation products as ethically as possible. Keeps an eye out, in our news section for updates on projects involving our newly acquired Brick Press, which makes bricks suitable for the outer skin of building from waste substrate on site. We are excited about the huge potential applications for these bricks and already have a couple of projects lined up to get us started.