Nature Conservation Products

Green Future Building Ltd is a not for profit social enterprise, committed to conservation. We recognise the increased need for sustainable building while continuing to develop the use of recycled and sustainable materials. We work in partnership with other trusts, charities and social enterprises on projects aimed at creating opportunities for people and communities to develop skills, continue training and create employment opportunities in the conservation and green build sector.

Wetlands and sluices

Our wetland services are specifically tailored to our customers’ needs. From bespoke wetland development, to products such as backwater box sluices & pontoons, our expertise enables better management of wetland habitat for wildlife conservation.

Hides, Platforms, Screens & Furniture

We supply bespoke-designed bird hides, platforms and seating made from recycled and sustainable materials. All our buildings and structures are constructed to withstand the British climate and unlike traditional timber products don't require ongoing maintenance.

Sand Martin Banks

A GFB Sand Martin Nesting Bank is unique and instantly creates the opportunity for these small migratory birds to breed in wetland habitat where natural banks are not available. Each cabinet has 48 nesting chambers and can be positioned singly or multiple cabinets can be installed to create larger banks.